Moving to a new home?

Unit2Go MovingThe Unit2GO is here to help. The Unit2GO portable storage unit is level to the ground which makes it easy to load when moving. Just take you item out of your home and walk right into the Unit2GO. Once you pack the Unit2GO, we come to your home and pick up the Unit2GO and bring it to your new home. It is that easy.

Unit 2 Go portable storage units are secure, all-steel, and weather proof. There are two sizes for your convenience.

We sell a huge variety of moving and packing supplies such as boxes, packing tape, packing peanuts and more to help make packing as easy as possible.

Pack at your Leisure

Unit 2 Go Unit 2 Go allows you to pack your unit at your leisure.

No deadlines. No time pressure. You move when you’re ready. Take your time to enjoy setting up your new home for the next chapter of your life by unloading your moving container at your own pace. It will also remove the hassle of having to unload your moving truck in a day or having all of your items dumped into a few rooms or worse yet, the garage.

No need to pack and unpack multiple times at a storage facility. Unit 2 Go will keep your belongings safe and secure in your Unit 2 Go until you’re ready to move to your new location. We will deliver the Unit 2 Go moving container right to your new home.

Some of the Benefits of The Unit2GO Portable Storage Units:

  • Load & Unload Once
  • Doors at both ends of the container
  • No Truck Rentals
  • Less Handling equals Less Damage
  • Load On Your Own Schedule
  • Ground Level Loading
  • Low starting prices per month
  • Long Term Discount Available

Unit 2 Go delivers the best to you:

Unit 2 Go moving units’ all-metal frame, walls and lockable doors substantially improve durability and security over wooden moving containers you’ll find elsewhere.

Embedded metal skids enhance ground-level loading by providing 6” of clearance to keep your items off the ground and dry. Metal construction (instead of wood) prevents absorption of moisture into the moving container and your stuff.

8’x16′ Unit2Go
8x16 Unit2Go

All steel with a wood floor*, generally holds the contents of 3 – 4 rooms (about the same size as a 10′ x 15′ storage facility room).

8’x5′ Unit2Go
8x5 Unit2Go

All Steel. Very durable, this box is the perfect size for short term temporary storage.